The 5 Day Back to School Back to You Reboot

A virtual mini retreat for moms to reclaim their health and happiness

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During this FREE five day virtual mini-retreat, I'll help you:​

  • Re-ignite your motivation for self care, to relieve the burden of feeling crabby, out-of-shape, or exhausted  
  • Carve out a little "me time" to fill up your tank, so you can give to all the people who need you with a happy heart  
  • Re-write the story of falling "off the wagon", so you can achieve your next level health and fitness goals  
  • Balance your body's energy with ease, so you can begin finally get a handle on your weight, no matter how little time you have to work out 
  • Create a well-laid-out plan to continue your progress, so you're able to finally make sustainable changes to improve your health and fitness

Ready to get Back to You?

Hi! I'm Rachel Rotabi, mom to two girls, a certified personal trainer, and functional nutrition coach in Hermosa Beach, California.  

Not long ago, I gave myself high blood pressure from stress. Of all people, I knew better! But, life got in the way. Through making some changes, I got my health back on track. Now I really appreciate the role stress plays in our health. 

I lead online group nutrition coaching programs for busy moms as well as virtually coaching women 1:1. Using a functional medicine approach, I've had the great joy of helping clients lose weight, reduce their stress level, improve their mood and energy levels, resolve digestive issues, and even get off some medications.  

Rather than adding an additional stress to our busy lives, I work with my clients to make space for the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle in a sustainable way. It can be done - I promise!

Back to School Back to You